About James Vaughn

With over 20 years experience James Vaughn has become one of North Carolina’s most awarded and respected custom tattoo artists in the industry. Currently living in Charleston South Carolina, he is taking the town by storm.

Although he specializes in neo-traditional Japanese art, James’ style and creativity is boundless. While appearing on Spike TV’s hit show, INK MASTERS, James Vaughn became a household name with his southern sayings and wry humor.

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I have had about 5 different tattoo artists over the past 10 years and I'm fu@kn pissed I didn't find James sooner... AMAZING ARTIST!

Justin R. – New York, NY

I love love love my new tattoo! James is incredible, his attentions to detail is crazy, he wouldn't let me leave till it was perfect and didn't charge me to get it right. Thanks JAMES!

Michelle S. – Raleigh, NC

James knocked my tattoo out of the park, knew what i wanted and drew it right on my arm and then started going to town. Does amazing work and was hell fun to hangout with.

Christian A. – Mount Pleasant, SC